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Our registration for the 2023 Summer FREE Tutoring Program is now OPEN!


In need of SHSAT prep, but private prep courses are too pricey? This is the perfect alternative! A free, rigorous 4-week SHSAT prep course to learn and review SHSAT Math, English, and Grammar concepts. Take this course to secure your future and have a chance at getting accepted into the top high schools in NYC! 


Want to get a headstart with Algebra I for the upcoming school year? Take this free 4-week comprehensive course and be prepared to excel in your Algebra I class next year. Math class will no longer be the one class you dread going to, instead it may be your favorite class! 

Electives 4 all

These fun and unique electives ranging from web development (coding) to anime watching will bring some spice into your summer! Develop a new passion or hobby by taking these electives!

Program Timeline:

- Duration: Wednesday, July 19th, 2023-Saturday, August 26th, 2023 [6 WEEKS]
- Classes every Wednesday + Friday, Practice tests every other Saturday

Click here to sign up for our Summer 2023 Virtual Tutoring Program!
Follow our Instagram or email us with questions! 


fall 2022

From September 10, 2022-October  16, 2021, we launched a 6-week INTENSIVE SHSAT preparation course. Students met 8 hours per week on weekends with tutors to discuss weekly homework packets and complete live, 3 hour practice exams.

2022 fall SHSAT intensive PREP

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august 2022 

virtual high school fair  

On August 21st, we had our first Virtual High School fair where we discussed how the high school application process works! Guest speakers from high schools across NYC were able to answer any questions parents or students had. Special thanks to our Outreach Team for leading this event!

Screenshot (134).png

July-august 2022 

Thank you to the 250+ students who attended our free, 6-week 2022 summer SHSAT Math/SHSAT English + Algebra I Regents courses from July 22nd to August 27th of 2022! We hope all students have gained a valuable learning experience from our class lessons, homework assignments, and practice exams!


Our students and tutors hard at work! 


July 2022 


Welcome to Excelsior Learning!
Thank you to the 100+ parents and students who attended the 2022 summer orientation to learn about Excelsior Learning and the services we offer! 

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Screenshot (163)_edited.jpg
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august 2022 

Back 2 school giveaway

With Back to School season around the corner, we want to help pay for your school supplies! We gave out Amazon Gift Cards to 3 lucky winners on Instagram. The winners were announced during our Virtual High School Fair on August 28th. Check out our Instagram post!

Electives 4 all

We offer a wide variety of elective classes for students to explore their interests!


Programming for Robotics

Beginners French

Art Basics

Java Basics

Computer Science C++

Social Science


Intro to Chemistry

Living Environment

Writing 101

Regents Chemistry

Beginners Spanish

Intro to Geometry


Computer Science C++ with Sami Sharif 

Writing 101 with Sarah Zhao and Angeline Wu 

Screenshot 2022-08-01 6.38.29 PM.png

Beginners Spanish with Jamie Alfaro  


fall 2021

From September 11, 2021-October  2021, we launched a 7-week INTENSIVE SHSAT preparation course. Students met 8 hours per week on weekends with tutors to discuss weekly homework packets and complete live, 3 hour practice exams.

2021 fall SHSAT intensive PREP

Screenshot (159).png
Screenshot (54).png

Summer 2021

From August 9, 2021-September 3, 2021, we launched a 4-week
FREE  SHSAT, Regents & Electives 4 All program with classes that met 3x a week.

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